Artur Żurek

Artur Żurek

Artur Żurek
Nocny Kochanek
Pro1-V BigFoot Double
My name is Artur ?urek - I am a young drummer with a great desire to work and constantly improve my skills.
My drumming adventure started under the guidance of Adam Marszalkowski (a drummer of a popular Polish rock band, COMA).
In 2012 I won a nationwide V-Drums Championship contest organized by ROLAND and I took the 2nd place in Eastern European finals. Since then I am an endorser of the Polish branch of ROLAND company.
Till 2015 I've toured with a metalcore band - Fireball, with which I've played around 70 concerts and took part in the production of 2 of their albums.
From April 2016 up till September 2017 I've toured with "Czerwone Gitary" (over 80 concerts), who are a Polish legendary rock band.
In September 2017 I joined the heavy metal group "NOCNY KOCHANEK", being one of the most popular metal acts in Poland now.