Tom Tierney

Tom Tierney

Tom Tierney
Thrown Into Exile, Dire Peril
Los Angeles, CA
Pro1-V and Dominator Double Pedals
I started wanting to play drums when I was around 8 but my parents didn't want all the noise so they gave me a set of bongos.

After that I began learning guitar til I found the love again at 16 during a rehearsal for my high school choir with a live band. From there it was all about the drums.

I spent a lot of time in the New Jersey scene playing metal and doing my best to hone my skills as a player and played in various bands there for about 10 years.

My influences range from speed metal to smooth jazz, but my real love is thrash.

After moving out to California to pursue music and continue my drumming career, I was taken onto the old school thrash metal band Whiplash and taken out to a few different countries to play. That was easily some of the most fun I've had playing music.

In June of 2018 I was let go from that project and I decided I was going to begin my own thing. Up until that, it seemed that bands had failed to deliver in the way that they were supposed to, so I took a break from the drums to start writing my own music. Around this time I was also contacted by Dire Peril to do some short US tours, which I gladly and enthusiastically joined. In July of 2020 I was brought into the ranks of Thrown Into Exile and have been working with them through the pandemic and through their most recent record release.

These projects soon became more than a pipe dream to me and its something I have the utmost pride in as an artist. I have two amazing groups standing with me who recognize the potential and are ready to go the distance with me.

I'd also like to give my huge thanks to Trick, the amazing crew and developers behind the most incredible pedals in the world. Keep your eyes open for new stuff from myself and the bands!