Steven Sanchez

Steven Sanchez

Steven Sanchez
The Last Ten Seconds of Life // Widowmaker
New York City
Pro1-V BigFoot Direct Drive Double Pedal
I'm a self-taught drummer from The Bronx, New York. I have been playing for about 7 years now.

I never had private instruction as a kid since it was usually relatively expensive. I developed my hand foot coordination through playing drums on Rockband for Xbox 360. Little did I know it’d make learning a lot of other aspects of drumming easier for me. I ended up taking up drums a little more seriously in high school. I joined my high school band sophomore year and it was just for fun at first. Nothing too crazy, just a few cover songs and some gigs here and there.

Come senior year in 2014, I started my first band based out of Brooklyn, NY. Nothing but great times. I knew from then I’d want to take this to the furthest extent I possibly could.

2016 was when I decided to withdraw from college and focus on getting more gigs. That same year I was offered my first tour with Footage of a Yeti (Queens, NY). After playing a handful of hometown shows and a few tours, I was eventually getting more offers.

2017 I was offered to tour with Widowmaker, Alabama based Deathcore band. We had previously toured together when I was playing with FOAY so we instantly clicked. The music was right up my alley and they decided to eventually make me a permanent member.

2018 I found myself staying home a little more often than usual, so I eventually ended up joining a local Queens, NY based band called The Hearkening to keep busy while not on the road. Playing with them forced me to step out of my comfort zone and put more focus towards a groove oriented style of drumming for this band.

2019 I was offered to tour with The Last Ten Seconds of Life. It was my first time in Canada, amongst many other areas in the US I have not been to yet. This was also my first time incorporating backing vocals while drumming, another situation that made me step out of my comfort zone. It was a pleasure being able to learn more about my craft.

I’m eternally grateful for every single opportunity I’ve been given. To think that it all stems from being a kid that just wanted a high gamer score on Xbox and watching tons of playthroughs on YouTube is just insane to me.

The Pro1-V Bigfoot double pedals were an absolute game changer in my playing. The design and mechanics behind these pedals are absolutely stunning and super sturdy. These pedals are built to LAST. Super simple customization and very easy to shift settings and mark them to your exact liking.

Drums are sick.

History of bands I have been involved with (Past and Present)
The Last Ten Seconds of Life
The Hearkening
Footage of a Yeti