Steve Denning

Steve Denning

Steve Denning
Freelance Artist
Los Angeles, CA
Trick Pro 1-V Bigfoot Double Pedal
Steve Denning has been a full-time professional Drummer for over 15 years. His solid time-keeping, highly adaptable drumming, and creative approach to music has enhanced hundreds of live performances & studio sessions for many different Artists & Songwriters over the years. He has performed live with Dan Aykroyd (Blues Brothers), Roy Hargrove, and has three national tours under his belt playing jazz, pop, & funk. Steve has performed on national television three times and has performed live on the radio numerous times in California, Las Vegas, & New York.

In addition to regularly performing with some of L.A.’s hottest musicians, Steve spends most of his time in the studio writing, recording, and producing tracks for: television, movies, corporate ads, and Pop/R&B Artists. He has had songs placed in national network television shows and full length feature films. Steve has also performed numerous times under contract with Knott's Berry Farm & Disney, and is frequently hired to accompany grad students at USC and the University of Redlands. He has performed and recorded a myriad of musical styles including: Rock, Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Funk, Country, Hip-Hop, many forms of Jazz, Metal, Punk, and Various Latin styles.

Steve has always had a passion for teaching students as well. He owns a music school in Southern California called Musicology, and authored his own drum method entitled "Modern Drum Set for Beginners."
"Modern Drum Set for Beginners" Musicology Publications