Matt Kohanowski

Matt Kohanowski

Matt Kohanowski
Woodbury, CT USA
Pro1-V BigFoot Direct Drive Double
Matt Kohanowski is a self taught drummer whose passion for drumming began over 10 years ago in Shelton, Connecticut.

Matt combines the inner workings of Metal music, blast beats, thrash beats and breakdowns with choppy grooves and complex fills but also has a background in Rock, Funk and Blues. He is currently associated with the Illinois Deathcore titans, Oceano. He is also the former drummer for Connecticut based Symphonic Death Metal band, Shadow of Intent.

His drum work is featured on 2 EP's from separate projects and 2 full length albums from Shadow of Intent. In just a short time, the two albums , "Primordial" (2016) and "Reclaimer" (2017), have garnered almost a million views on YouTube and streaming services while Oceano has maintained a well established career over the years since their inception.

In August of 2017, Matt would start filling in for Oceano where he would gain touring experience playing all over the world with acts like The Black Dahlia Murder, Carnifex, After the Burial, Thy Art is Murder and Whitechapel. In September 2018, Matt would part ways with Shadow of Intent and continue full time with Oceano. They will be entering the studio in 2019 to record their follow up to their latest album and Sumerian Records debut, "Revelation".
Chemitz, Germany @ AJZ (Eternal Nightmare EU/UK tour w/ Chelsea Grin)