Lyn Jeffs

Lyn Jeffs

Lyn Jeffs
Manchester, England
Pro1-V BigFoot Low Mass Double
Lyn Jeffs has appeared on 10 Death Metal releases from UK bands including Ingested, Annotations of an Autopsy and Nexus Inferis. Joined the Trick Family in 2020.

Ingested - Where Only Gods May Tread (2020)
Ingested - Call of the Void (2019)
Ingested - The Level Above Human (2018)
Ingested - The Architect of Extinction (2015)
Ingested - Revered by no-one, Feared by all (2013)
Nexus Inferis - A Vision of the Final Earth (2012)
Ingested - The Surreption (2011)
Annotations of an Autopsy - The Reign of Darkness (2010)
Ingested - Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering (2009)
Ingested - North-West Slam Fest (2007)