Kristopher Kuss

Kristopher Kuss

Kristopher Kuss
Pile/Yazan/Pelican Movement
Pro1-V BigFoot Low Mass Direct Drive Single
Kris learned to play the drums in Chicago area churches in the late 90's. His foundations were developed playing with a number of musicians and covering a variety of musical genres. Moving to Boston in 2007 was the beginning of a new era of his playing. Kris played with many local songwriters and bands in Boston before meeting the guys from Pile. Joining Pile in 2009, Kris shifted to focusing on his personal style behind the drums. He has been the drummer of Pile for 5 full length albums. Including 2019's Green and Grey. Pile also released a collection of B-sides/ Ep's titled "Odds and Ends", and a live album "Live from Third Man". In addition to Pile, Kris has recorded drums for Yazan's 2015 "Howlin" and 2018 "Hahaha". Kris is currently working on a live set and recording with Pelican Movement from New Paltz, NY. Look for Kris behind the drums in 2019, touring the U.S. and Europe with Pile.

2005 - "Laodicea" EP by AMMI
2006 - "Imitations" by AMMI
2010 - "Magic isn't real" by Pile
2011 - "Big Web" EP by Pile
2012 - "Dripping" by Pile
2014 - "Mama's Lipstick/Special Snowflakes" EP by Pile
2015 - "You're better than this" by Pile
2015 - "Howlin" by Yazan
2017 - "A Hairshirt of Purpose" by Pile
2017 - "Live at Thirdman Records" by Pile
2018 - "Hahaha" by Yazan
2018 - "Odds and Ends" by Pile
2019 - "Green and Grey" by Pile