John Glassbrenner

John Glassbrenner

John Glassbrenner
Incontinence / Burial / Malefic / Armor Column
Drums- 8 pc trick kit in chameleon teal.
8,10,12,14, (2) 20” kicks. Custom digital print/ 50 cal- 13x7 snare.

Hardware- Trick pro 1 v. Black widow
Double pedal.
Trick black widow high hat
Hey everyone! Thanks for check out my profile!

Been playing drums now for 38 years. I started very early, and I was surrounded by family members growing up that were also drummers. I started my drumming career in the upstate NY Hardcore / Metal scene in the 90’s and haven’t stopped playing live or with a band since.

I’m also a practitioner/ fan of martial arts, a huge pit bull supporter, and a die hard NY Giants fan.

Currently playing for/
Armor Column