Jeremy Gilmartin

Jeremy Gilmartin

Jeremy Gilmartin
Neck of the Woods
Vancouver BC, Canada
Pro1-V Black Widow BigFoot Double Pedal
Music has been in my family before I was born. My father was a bass player in a Toronto band in the 80’s and I was always excited them perform live. I gravitated to the drums, and on my 11th birthday my mom caved and bought me my first drum set. I would go through my sisters cd collection and take out punk rock albums to try and play too. Some major influences at the time were The Offspring, Green Day, Nirvana.. I would go on to learn the songs and started a garage band, and we would play local talent shows and eventually battle of the bands.

After high school I moved out west and made friends with people in the music scene, and that’s where I discovered double pedals. Instantly fell in love with letting my feet fly and trying to make my hands match.

Over the years I have been in various bands and have always searched for the right pedals to fit the type of music I was playing. From chain drive, to direct drive.. back to chain drive, I was never comfortable with the feel of the pedals I was using, until a friend suggested I try the Trick drum pedals he had bought. I was pleasantly surprised with the response of the direct drive, and the control of the footboards. I found it easy to reach up to high speeds and slow it down for groove beats and not have the pedals run away on me. Not long after I bought a pair of my own and I have already taken them on the road, and my setup stayed constant throughout the whole tour.
I am very excited to record and continue to tour with these pedals and even more excited to be a part of the Trick Drums family.
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