Denis Vasilevsky

Denis Vasilevsky

Denis Vasilevsky
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Denis Vasilevsky was born in the city of Svirsk, Irkutsk region. On the advice of his parents, he entered music school with Alexander Chekmarev. His dream was to play the violin, but the school did not have the right teacher, so he decided to enter the accordion class. Six months later, having already entered Alexander Chekmarev's Ensemble, and having tried all the instruments, he decided on the drums.

After school, he entered the Irkutsk School of Music pop-jazz department, studying with Sergei Kushilkin 1994-1999. In 2002 he entered the University of Culture and Arts in Saint-Petersburg. In 2007 he moved to Moscow.

Denis has performed with the following groups: Big Bend (Irkutsk), Big Bend (St. Petersburg), Gorn, Sporno, Forest Jungle Jazz, Bashakov Bend, Mlad I Star, Except, Gosha Cutcenko “GK”, group Christina Orbakaite, Chizh & Co.