Dom Moio

Dom Moio

Dom Moio
Cinco De Moio / Independent
Phoenix, AZ USA
Bass Drums: 16" and 18"
Toms: 10", 12"
Floor Tom: 14"
Snares: 5x14, 7x13, 4x14
Drumbalito: 10"
Jazz Drum Set instructor at Arizona State University for last 25 years.

Studied with Alan Dawson, Bernard Purdie, and Walfredo De Los Reyes Sr.

"My Trick drums sound great at any volume level, extremely durable and they record GREAT!!! Engineers love them , easy to record."
Books :
- Deep Grooves II w/ Steve Gadd
- Just Duet w/ Steve Gadd and Joe LaBarbera
- Latin Percussion For Gringos
- 35 Etudes For Snare Drum
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