Daniel Maloney

Daniel Maloney

Daniel Maloney
Earth Rot
Pro1-V Double Pedals
Dominator Beater
SB1 Laser Triggers
EARTH ROT: Australia's black death metal machine, with an old-school undercurrent and a sense of grim relentless groove. It is hateful, harmful, sinister and melancholy noise shaped by the world around you.

Since inception in 2014 Earth Rot have pulled no punches, recording, releasing and touring heavily across Australia, Asia and Europe with no intent of settling for anything less. Cultivating their sound in direct support of legends in the realms of black metal and death metal, around the world. The past five years has seen Earth Rot develop into a complex beast, dwelling in the deepest of pits.

Behind the kit, Daniel Maloney brings a vibrant mix of slow groove and intense, hard-hitting blastbeats giving Earth Rot the potent mixture of sounds that they have. Daniel has used Trick pedals since the beginning of his work with Earth Rot and stand up to the punishment every gig.
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