Derek Crawford

Derek Crawford

Derek Crawford
Independent / Sessions
Chicago, IL USA
Custom AL13 in Tiffany Blue
16x24, 8x10, 8x12, 14x14
5x14 Snare Drum
6x12 Snare Drum

VMT Pub Kick in Cast Black
Custom AL13 6x12 Snare Drum in Cast Black

Dominator Single Pedal

Vintage Kodiak T6

6x12 Snare Drum in Black
4x14 Snare Drum in Blue
Derek Crawford took to the drums at age seven and has gone on to become a first-call drummer in the Chicago music scene. Derek brings a distinctive percussive voice to any situation he plays in while displaying versatility not found in many musicians. He is equal parts rock and jazz and is at home locking into a groove or stretching a composition to its improvisational limits.

Crawford studied orchestral percussion with the late Robert Hohner at Central Michigan University. He performed as a founding member of the Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble and recorded with the group on composer David Gillingham’s landmark album "Stained Glass; Music for Percussion". Derek has a keen interest in vintage drums and percussion instruments and percussion history. He built traditional Japanese Taiko drums for the Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble album “World Music Tour” and has worked in the music industry as a drum builder and luthier.

Derek has performed and recorded with some of the best talent in the Midwest. Appearing on over twenty albums, live shows and tours. A partial list of credits includes; The Getouts, Rivals of the Peacemaker, The White Saddle Band, Clip Art, Brad Cole, Dick Prall, Glen Phillips (Toad The Wet Sprocket), Sunday Runners, Todd Bowie, John Munson (of Semisonic), Mike Hoffman (E.I.E.I.O.), Starch Martins, Frank Catalano, Fareed Haque, Ellen Rosner, The Convulsions, Ari Brown, The All Rectangle, and Jade Maze.

Derek Crawford performs on Trick Drums and Pedals.