Mikel Gomez

Mikel Gomez

Mikel Gomez
Childrain / Lampr3a / Independent
Basque Country
2x Pro1-V BigFoot Direct Drive Pedals
Im Mikel Gomez a drummer from the Basque Country,
I’m currently drummer of the bands Lampr3a and Childrain
Follow my accounts for some playthrough and cover videos.
I play with Trick Pro1-V’s, wich are completely awesome, smooth fast and powerful.

I started playing guitar with 10 and after several years of playing little shows with 15 I started playing drums. Soon I started playung with my first band Dark Code, after some years I started playing with Lampr3a wich is an intrumental band with influences from Animals As Leaders, Periphery.... some years later I started playing with Childrain wich is more influenced by In Flames, Trivium... Since then I have played several European Tours and more than 300 shows over the past 10 years.
2009 - Dark Code - Raise Of Death
2012 - Dark Code - Delineate
2015 - Childrain Matheria
2017 - Lampr3a - Neurocoalescence
2019 - Childrain - The Silver Ghost