Sam (Sick Blasting)

Sam (Sick Blasting)

Sam (Sick Blasting)
Independent / Session / Live
Lima - Perú
Dominator Double Pedal
Born on February 22, 1991 in Lima, Peru, of dual Argentine and Peruvian nationality.
As part of his training, from his childhood he grew up between drawing, art and music.
At 06 he received his first battery as a birthday gift that achieved a unique gear and amalgam between him and his instrument, which became an extension.
Around the age of 12 he began playing in a church, where his passion for music was increasingly evident and especially towards the drums.
Thanks to that platform and that talent, he began to forge himself in percussion and in the acquisition of his new professional drums.
It is at that moment that he meets some boys who saw him play in the church and where they casually sought a drummer for a PostHardcore project, a challenge for his 12 years but not an impediment; Already consolidated as a band and with a few years of age they performed at various events of the local scene,
With that base he became better known and sought to form other projects.
For 2009, the band Deathcore D.Y.G was formed, which produced an Ep of 4 tracks, participated as a support band in the concert of Hedor (Colombia).
In 2010 he traveled to Argentina to study at the Superior Conservatory of the City of Buenos Aires, Astor Piazzolla.
taking among them courses such as: contemporary rhythms and alternative percussion.
In 2011 he formed a technical death metal project "Cromogeno" in the city of La Matanza - Argentina, participating in the local events of the great Buenos Aires. and in parallel also playing in the band Devoured by Granp, Deathcore of the capital.
For 2013 he returns to his hometown, that's where he forms the brutal Death Metal band, Intestinal Laceration.
with which a year later he recorded his first and simple video "ENJOY YOUR PUTRID FLESH", which has about 10K
of visits on YouTube for 2015, the band produces its first debut CD "SPECIES OF PUTRID MINDS" with COYOTE RECORDS (RUSSIA)
He is currently finishing the production of his new album and a small South American tour.
From 2016 to 2018 he had several collaborations in recordings with live session bands and concerts.
It is in 2018 that he joins the band Grind Hardcore, Cannibal Master being that year where they release the video clip. "Weapons of mass destruction" and open the concert for nuclear assault, as well as many others (Napalm Death, Suffocation and Nervosa)
In September 2019 he joins the TRICK DRUMS family, becoming a TRICK Dominator pedal artist, along with musicians such as: Alex Rudinger (Whitechapel, The Faceless), Mike Terrana (Vision Divine, Tarja Turunen), Art Cruz (Lamb of God, Winds Of Plague) and Kevin Paradis (Benighted) among many others.
Already in October of the same year, he became an artist of Istanbul Mehmet Cymbal Peru.
2013 - Recorded his first videoclip and single "ENJOY THEIR PUTRID FLESH" (Intestinal Laceration)
2015 - Produces its first CD "SPECIES OF PUTRID MINDS" (Intestinal Laceration)
2018 - Opening for the concert of D.R.I. / 6th April (Cannibal Master)
2018 - Opening for the concert of Nervosa / 14tg April (Cannibal Master)
2019 - Currently finishing the new album (Intestinal Laceration)
2019 - Recorded his first videoclip “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (Cannibal Master)
2019 - Opening for the concert of Nuclear Assault / 9th August (Cannibal Master)
2019 - Opening for the concert of Onanizer / 19th October