Shawn M Johnson

Shawn M Johnson

Shawn M Johnson
Backlash, Broadcast The Signal
Braidwood, IL.
1x 6.5x14 Snare (25 Anniversary Alien Silver)
1x 6.5x14 Snare (Custom Color w/Black Hardware)
1x 8x8 Rack Tom
1x 9x10 Rack Tom
1x 10x12 Rack Tom
1x 12x14 Floor Tom
1x 14x16 Floor Tom
2x 18x20 Bass Drums
Color of Kit: Super Red Sparkle w/ Black Hardware
Pedals: Pro 1-V2 Bigfoots (Double Pedal, used as Singles)
Artist Name: Shawn M Johnson
Current Band: Backlash and Broadcast The Signal
Trick Artist Since: June, 2007

Past member of: Bloodstream Parade (Dark Star Records), Jungle Rot (Victory Records), The Parallax Effect, Sleepy Hollow, and InSpiteofyou
Fill in/Worked with: A.D.D. (Pavement Records) and Two Ton Anvil (Dark Star Records)

I was raised in a musical family, my father was a drummer, grew up in band practice spaces and in clubs. Picked up the sticks at age 9, been playing now for 30+ years, and and no matter how long I've been doing this I always find things to learn. From 1994 till now, I've dedicated most of my life to playing drums and being in bands. I've been fortunate enough to have been involved in numerous signed and/or touring bands and always make sure I'm available to whatever may come up. Besides playing drums, I now own and operate my own studio recording and producing.

I am a heavy hitter, need my drums and hardware to hold up, and Trick makes the best quality. As for the sound of my kit, I can't think of a show where the sound guy didn't come up to me after the gig and go on and on about how good the kit sounds. I have found Tricks drums to be warm when need, aggressive when needed, and everything between depending on how they're hit. For the 10 years of being in the Trick family, never have I had an issue with the kit, and I always get the best help from all those who work there. I'm here to stay, as long as they will have me.