Dent Oldani

Dent Oldani

Dent Oldani
Pain of Evolution/Full Sequence
Des Moines, Iowa
Custom Matte Black finish with raw lugs on all drums, except kicks that have chrome lugs.

Kit Specs:

9X10, 10X12 rack toms
14X14, 16X16 floor toms
18X22 kicks (X2)
Trick 20th Anniversary one of a kind 6X14 El Diablo snare


Trick Pro-1V legless hi hat
Trick Pro-1V pedals (X2)
Gibraltar side racks (X2)


Mix of Zildjian & Sabian
I've been a Metal Drummer since first picking up sticks in my hometown Cedar Falls, IA in 1994. Am self taught (never 1 lesson) & continue to learn. I've been in many bands through the years & done it all, just shy of the tour bus. Proud to say my drumming is on a few CD's; only 1 saw the light of day. I cofounded the old school thrash/death/doom band I'm currently in, Pain of Evolution, in Des Moines, IA 2014. After almost 25 years as a Metal Drummer, I wanted to expand my playing, so in 2017, I cofounded my 2nd band, Full Sequence (Alt Rock/Grunge/Blues/etc) in Des Moines, IA. Both my bands play out at least several times a month (we're workin stiff's)

Both bands have long term goals of writing more/recording demos & eventually studio time (when $ permits) & to keeps playing as much as possible, eventually expanding out of Iowa into the Midwest & hopefully beyond!