Mickey Richards

Mickey Richards

Mickey Richards
Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts - Love/Hate
Leicestershire - United Kingdom
Drum Kits : All Trick Drums USA

Recording Kit :
Kick 22x20
Tom 10x8
Tom 12x10
Floor Tom 14x14
Foor Tom 16x16
Snare 13x7
Pro 1V Big Foot Double in black
Pro 1V HH in Black

Touring Kit :-
Kick 22x18
Tom 13x9
Rocktoban 6x15
Floor Tom 16x16
Snare 14x6
Pro 1V Big Foot Standard
Pro 1V HH

Candy Red 14x8 Snare
Buddy Rich Anniversary Snare
Pub Kick 20”

Additional Hardware:
SB1 Triggers/Quick release cymbal toppers
Mickey started drumming at the age of 10. Setting his sights on becoming a go to Rock drummer. Born in a small Leicestershire village he set about the task. Since then he has played 1000’s of shows In the UK, Europe and the U.S.A

Known for his hard hitting no nonsense approach makes him stand out from the crowd.

Mickey has had the hot seat behind the kit for bands such as..

Enuff Z’nuff
People on Vacation
The Dollyrots

Mickey is currently playing/recording with his band Ryan Hamilton and the Traitors (Texas) and touring with Love/Hate (L.A)