Russell Mehle

Russell Mehle

Russell Mehle
Recycle The Day/Independent
Des Plaines, IL USA
20x18 Kick.
Pro 1V Double Pedal.
10',12', Mounted toms (old school mounted to bass drum).
14'x14' And 16'x16' Floor toms.
13'x6' "Funkmeister" Snare drum
14' Titanium Snare drum. I have the 8th one made (Go to for recordings).
Trick Cymbal Toppers all around.

I love the big sound I get from what should be a bop set. I like Evans G2 coated on everything but the kick for a nice round vintage sound. I tune my heads fairly tight and use a little Moon Gel now and again depending on the stage and room.
Russ has been a Trick Artist since 2006. Living in the mid-west area playing drums,and teaching drums in the Chicago area. A graduate form Musician’s Institute, Hollywood Ca, with twenty plus years of playing experience, and plenty of lessons to go along with it.
You can currently find Russ playing around the Chicagoland area playing in Recycle The Day.
Got my first drum set at nine and was jamming all to the top 40 radio stations on my parents 8 track, record, and am/fm stereo. Soon came, mix tapes, and cd's. Then came the instrumental prog rock phase in the basement with my school friends.
As a teenager at a Motley Crew concert I heard "Crew Slut" by Frank Zappa and my musical direction shifted. 180 degrees. My drum teacher turned me on to Billy Cobham, and Dave Weckl and I was hooked on jazz, and fusion hard.
In 1992-93 I atended Musicians Institue focusing on jazz,latin, fusion, and traditional grip. I lived in LA as a nineteen year old.
Strain Busy Sky "Strain Busy Sky"
Strain Busy Sky "Racing The Sun"
Hutch "River Of Life"