Shannon Kori

Shannon Kori

Shannon Kori
Atlanta, GA USA
Kit #1
8x8 , 9x10 , 10x12 , 12x14 , 14x16 ,16x20 & 16x22 kicks

Kit #2
8x8 , 9x10 , 10x12 , 12x14
16x20 kick

Kit #3
8x8 , 8x10 , 8x12 , 8x14
8x16 , (2) - 16x18 kick drums

8x10 , 8x12 , 14x14 , 16x20

9x10 , 10x12 , 14x16 kick
Original Jazz drummers dream kit. A Trick exclusive

Snare List:
6x10 Kodiak
6x12 Kodiak
6x12 Timbalito
5x13 Sk yellow
7x13 Kodiak
7x13 Millusion Signature
7x13 Titanium
7x13 Millusion Red
7x13 Digital Wrap
4x14 Kodiak
5x14 Kodiak
5x14 Yellow Flame
5.5x14 25th Anniversary (#17)
5.5 x14 100th Buddy Rich Anniversary Drum
6x14 Brass
6x14 Sk Yellow

Other gear:
Pro1-V Pedals
Pro1-V BigFoot Pedals
Pro1-V Hi Hat Stands
Predator Remote Hi Hats
Dominator Pedal
Pedal Cases
Bass Drum Lifts
Cymbal Springs
Cymbal Toppers
Shannon has toured and recorded with some of the best musicians on the planet. Some of the artists include Derek Trucks , John Mayer , Adam Nitti , Jerry Peek , Col. Bruce Hampton & the Fiji mariners , Bill Hart , Warren Haynes , Pruett & Davis , Carrie Underwood , John Popper / Blues Traveler.

Studied drums and percussion with Jack Bell and Sonny Emory at Georgia State University.

Shannon is a long time veteran of the Atlanta studio / music scene. First call session / live player who stays extremely busy. He also produces , engineers and runs his own studio.