Karrie Collins Grimes

Karrie Collins Grimes

Karrie Collins Grimes
Pottsville, PA
One of kind custom color scheme of Neon / Fluorescent pink shells, accented by neon green hardware.

18x20 inch BASS
14 & 16 inch floor toms
12 inch floating Rack tom
14 inch Snare

Pedal : Double Dominator
Who says girls can’t rock?… seeing and meeting Karrie Collins Grimes will put those words back in your mouth! She has the distinction of not only being the foremost female drummer in Schuylkill County, but having a reputation of the heaviest hands and feet you will hear! Following the lead of her dad Eddie, and brother Keith, in was inevitable that Karrie would pick up a pair of drumsticks, and in the early 90's, she began her love affair with drums, as pictures of flashy kits & Rush’s Neil Peart adorned her bedroom walls. Being a working girl with a newspaper route, she soon plunked her weekly earnings on a used Tama Rockstar kit at the nearby Terrace Music Store. In 1993, Karrie began kicking out the backbeat for her first band Branded Planet with bassist Jim Heller of Pine Grove, & guitarist Dave Rohland of Carlisle. Then after graduating from Pottsville’s Nativity BVM High School, she enlisted with Uncle Sam in the U.S. Army. In 1997, Karrie was tapped to join the all female act Boo Boo Kitty. The group was an immediate hit on the club circuit, and was invited as support act for The Badlees, Back in Black, and The Armadillos. Next, came joining forces with classic rockers Onionhead, Then in 2000, as her brother Keith vacated his drumming seat in The Rocket 88’s,Karrie sat right down for the next five years, enjoying much success with her father Eddie, and high profile gigs with The Coasters, Bill Haley’s Comets, and other legendary artists. During 2005, the Hazleton based Better Than Monday, needing a full time drummer, being impressed with Karrie’s talents, but knowing her demanding schedule, decided to utilize her... and when not available, hire a fill-in… her brother Keith! Not one to sit still, in 2006 Karrie was invited join the ranks of John Donovan’s project Copper Seven, and in addition to their live shows, was featured on the CD “Anchor.”’ Later that year, Trick Drum Co., of Chicago was seeking Factory Test Plots for their fledging company, and Karrie was added to their roster !! Karrie has had the opportunity to perform for famed drummers Liberty De Vitto of Billy Joel fame, and A.J. Pero of Twisted Sister. She has also worked aside such rock figures as Vixen, Saliva, Quiet Riot, Robin Trower, Jackyl, Filter, Saving Abel, Static X, Government Mule, and more! Currently, Karrie lays down the grooves with her husband bassist Lee Grimes, for the area powerhouse Adrenalyn. As an aggressive young lady, also works on a free lance basis with an impressive list of former and current artists, including SYX, Category 5, Badd Monkee, YMI, Plan B, Octogon Speed Chuck, Johnny K. & Co., Class Act, and others. Karrie describes herself best as “… A chick with sticks,… will travel!

My Trick Drums testimony:
While being brought up in the musical world
under my fathers wing, we grew
up playing your traditional wood kits,
well, this is not your traditional kit.
When I was looking to invest in a
new kit and trying to choose the
best kit to suit myself, I took a few
trips to Dales Drum Shop in Harrisburg PA.
Each time I went to Dales I was drawn
back to the TRICK drum set.
The presence and response of the
TRICK drums is difficult to fully explain
to someone who has never played
them. To really understand, you just
have to try them out!
After experiencing the overall sound
and performance of these drums,
it was obvious to me that I had
to become a TRICK chick!
TRICK drums are built to reach those
peak sound levels I had previously thought
were only attainable through studio/sound
board effects!