Michael Curtis Jr.

Michael Curtis Jr.

Michael Curtis Jr.
Independent / Session
Sacramento, California
Trick 4 Piece Custom AL-13 Drum Kit in Gamblers Gun Grey 16x22 / 8x10 / 9x12 / 14x14
Trick Pro1-V Bigfoot Black Widow Single
Trick Pro1-V Black Widow Hi Hat Stand
2018 Matte Black 7X13 Snare With Gold Hardware and 24k Plated GS007
1996 Trick Kodiak T6 6x12 Snare Drum Red with Chrome Hardware
Trick Quick Release Cymbal Toppers
Trick Resonators Cymbal Spring suspension system
Trick Cymbal Cleaner and Drum Polish

If Trick makes it I'll play it.
I play music and eat food
Books and things are what I have published